We Have Plenty of Sunroom Extension Ideas Below

When Spring is on the way you may start to dream about a sunroom, you are interested in finding some sunroom extension ideas to get you motivated to get the new build project off to a start. The quickest way to get some ideas is to go to Google and look for some listing which will show you some examples of sunrooms, sure that is how you found our website and landed you here on this page. Seen as though you have gone to the trouble of finding us, we feel duty bound to give you as mush useful information as possible along with some sunroom images to get you inspired. So lets start with some useful information.  A sunroom is a room designed to admit a large amount of sunlight for the enjoyment of the occupants of the house, not only that it must be a functional and useful room all year round. A sunroom is perfect place to relax while enjoying a view, read a book, meet with friends, or even to sleep during the day. A sunroom can be a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of your garden and or surrounding countryside.

Sunrooms are sometimes referred as solariums, conservatories, patio rooms and green rooms. Sunroom can be an addition to your kitchen or family room, a glass-in porch or deck, or it can be a separate structure that can be an extension to your home with its own entry and exit. Although sometimes you can turn some of your rooms into a sunroom by making some of its walls entirely of windows. When this room is a house extension its room is often also made of glass.

Do You Need Planning Permission For A New Sunroom Extension Or Conservatory?

There are certain planning restrictions/conditions which apply to building a sunroom or conservatory on your home. The conservatory or Sunroom must be located to the rear of the property and be at ground level. Conservatories on a balcony or first floor for example on a flat roof would need planning permission. The room cannot have glass facing your neighbour’s property within one meter of the boundary. This can be solved by building a solid wall against the boundary and then using glass for the rest of the building. When the room is complete you must have at least 25sqm of garden remaining. This is to ensure sufficient open space for the property. If you intend to build a sunroom which will leave less than 25sqm then it is still possible but the project must go through the planning process for appraisal.

Planning permission for a sunroom or conservatory may be required if there are any stipulations on the deeds of the property which stipulate that planning permission for any further developments on the property must require planning permission. It is best to consult your solicitor before proceeding to getting any design work or planning applications prepared, it could save you money and time.

The team here at AML Construction have over 30 years experience in the construction industry a lot of that time has been in the home construction sector and during that time AML have completed every kind of new home build, extensions, renovations and sunroom /conservatory projects. We pride ourselves in providing our customers and clients with a finish product which they are totally happy with and proud to show off to family and friends. So much so that the bulk of our clients come to us from referrals from many of our happy customers. If you are considering getting a new sunroom or conservatory or any home improvements/construction work done to your home then give us a call and we can arrange a suitable appointment to call to meet up with you and discuss your ideas and plans and take it from there. Please call us on 01 8357410 and lets arrange that meeting.