Completed Extension and Customer Testimonial

This is a recent house extension we completed and the client has made a video testimonial for us as she was so happy with the job we completed for her, see do you recognoise  her! Thanks a million Joanna

House Extensions – Kitchens – Sunrooms – Single and Two Storey.


AML Construction specialise in building well designed, high quality house extensions, whether you are building a single or two storey house extension it is important that the extension you get built is well-designed and caters for all your family needs. The extension must fulfill your requirements as your family grows and should be designed in such a way that it keeps up with the times and does not date. Your new extension should be constructed in a way to minimise maintenance reducing costs of up keep in the future using a blend of modern and traditional construction methods.

AML Construction works with a team of professionals to liaise and consult with you on the design of your house extension, listening to your needs. Working together we will endeavor to make your dream house extension blend into your existing surroundings making it a warm and functional space for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

Our team of experts and friendly trade’s people will treat your home with respect leaving it spotlessly clean as they finish their days work. We take great pride in our work leaving you quality craftsmanship and a well built and designed extension.

What Happens Once You Contact Us Regarding Your Proposed House Extension?

After you have contacted AML Construction LTD regarding a house extension you have in mind, we will make an appointment with you to talk through your needs and requirements. For many people, the initial concept of extending your home is discussed around the kitchen table. This idea soon grows, as does the excitement, when you start throwing ideas across the table. You will have design ideas you might like; a neighbour’s extension, the excitement grows and the possibilities are only bound by your imagination.

There will be questions sometimes and these questions lead to panic as you ask each other questions you may not be qualified to answer; how big can we build? Single or two storey? This lead’s onto another question. Do we need planning? What size can we build without planning? Can I build onto the side of my house without planning? And if so what are the rules and regulations that guide this. This leads onto the new building regulations which have been brought into law in light of the huge defects found in new builds brought on by bad workmanship and poor materials.

All materials used on your building project must now be C/E marked concrete and stone must have a certificate. These are just two small examples of the new regulations but very important one’s we have all heard of pyrite and none of us want it. This was widely publicised by the media, Priory Hall being one of many examples. Building control amendment regulations or (BCAR) as the regulations are known in the trade are constantly being amended and brought up to date.

Our team of professionals are keeping up to date with these changes, updating their file constantly to make sure your project meets with all the rigorous requirements. Why not have a look at our BCAR which we have compiled for you. After you have made your appointment, Alan our managing director will visit you at your home and talk through your requirements. He will answer any questions you may have in relation to your project. He will let you know our site set up arrangements, our strict health and safety policy. He will discuss our stage payment requirements, which means at what stages of the project payment is required. We find that all of our clients appreciate this method as it leaves no surprises and they will be informed in plenty of time as we are arriving at the stage of payment.

Our team of trade’s people will always leave their work area spotlessly clean each evening and we offer a turnkey project finish. We will take your project from an idea around the kitchen table through initiation to completion. We will discuss your initial design idea and let you know if planning is required. If planning is required Alan will make an appointment that suits you and revisit with our Architect to take dimensions and draw the first draft of your project. We will make the planning application process less stressful by applying on your behalf.

Here is Some Initial Information In Relation to House Extensions and Planning Permission.

If you are going to build an extension you may need planning permission. Some small extensions and sunrooms do not require permission and we will be able to advise you on this. See below exemptions from planning. Generally you will not need planning for.

  • Building an extension to the rear of the house which does not increase the original floor area of the house by 40 square meters.
  • The extension should not reduce the open space to the back area by less than 25 square meters which should be for sole us of the occupants of the house.
  • If your house has been extended before, the floor area you are now proposing and the floor area of any previous extensions must not exceed 40 square meters. This includes any extensions you have previously got planning for there are also height restrictions.
  • Converting a garage to the rear or side of a house for domestic use ,building a garage to the rear or side as long as it does not protrude past the front of the house and impede the building line are exempt from planning so long as the floor area does not exceed 25 square meters .
  • Garages or sheds built to the side of the house must not be lived in or used for commercial use. These will be exempt from planning and must not exceed a floor area of 25 square meters.
  • Building a porch to the front of your house as long as it does not exceed 2 square meters in area and is more than 2 meters from a public road or footpath is permitted. If the porch has a tiled pitched roof it must not exceed 4 meters in height.


Rules for Planning

  • You must give a public notice of your proposals before you apply for planning.
  • This must be done by placing a notice in a locally circulated newspaper.
  • You will find details of information the notice must contain in the planning application form.
  • The application must be received by the local authority within two weeks of appearing in the newspaper and the erection of the site notice.
  • The site notice must remain in place for 5 weeks from the date the application is received by the local authority.
  • You must not star building before you receive a grant of permission.
  • Normally planning permission is subject to conditions some of which may require changes to your proposals.
  • Planning permission normally lasts for 5 years
  • If the local authority refuses your application they will give you the reasons why, you have 4 weeks to appeal the decision to An Bord Pleanala.
  • You apply for planning permission by filling in the planning application form and submitting it together with your required documents.

We at AML Construction hope you found this information helpful, and are more than happy to apply on your behalf for planning for your project, leaving you more time to enjoy the more pleasurable things in life. And elevating the stress of all the paper work. If you would like to talk to one of our team or Alan Mc Loughlin our managing director, you can call us on 01 8357410 or visit our contact page here. It is our company policy to make contact with you within 24 hours of receiving a contact request.